Admission Management System

Admission management is at the heart of any educational institution’s efficient operation. In large institutions with a group of schools/colleges or a university, student admission process is still performed manually. The admission office has a lot of detailed data to collect and manage, checklists, applications and paperwork to track, interviews and enrollment contracts to administrate. These processes involve a large amount of manpower and expense that is not viable for institutions on a shoestring.

Oréll Campus Admission Management module is an efficient web-based user-driven application software for managing the entire admission process. It provides options for application, shortlisting, interview scheduling and student registration.SAM module supports student admission and registration process and maintenance of student’s personal, academic and fee related data. This module requires the use of a single operator to manage the system thus cutting down on manpower requirements. Oréll Campus Admittance Management module is capable of keeping precise track of data in an error free and efficient manner that allows easy retrieval and report generation.


  • Online application and application downloading
  • Criteria and cut off marks setting
  • Application shortlisting
  • Interview scheduling & alerting eligibility status
  • Result entry and publishing
  • Comprehensive student search and report generation
  • Quick/detailed registration
  • Roll number, university number, admission number settings
  • Generation and issue of student ID card
  • Paperless admission with reduced manpower
  • Centralized data management
  • Time saving operations
  • Reach to geographically scattered students
  • Unification of the entire process via a central database
  • Easily accessible Registration and Login System
  • Generate SMS alerts regarding interview & admission
  • Easy data entry to collect data
  • Customizable checklists
  • Automated mailing process for follow-up
  • Detailed enrollment information

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