Oréll Talk Premium Version

Oréll Talk Premium Overview

The Premium Edition of iTell is a full-function professional version that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a truly state-of-the-art language learning solution that is becoming increasingly popular with exclusive public schools and professional colleges for its unique advantages such as two-way communication, incognito student monitoring, pairing and grouping for group discussions etc.

Teacher/Instructor Console

  • One on one text, audio, video chat (two way)
  • One to many text chat (two way) and audio and video chat (one way)
  • Real time monitoring of student by student window activity indicator
  • Incognito listening
  • Instructor's Help Required Indicator(through text/audio/video chat)
  • eBoard (type or draw on a board for a single or multiple student viewing)
  • Screen capturing of the student, View all students via web cam
  • Model student (set one student in a class as model student)
  • Control student machine (shutdown/log off/reboot/lock screen/disable input device)
  • Conduct live class through text chat/audio/video chat
  • Stream videos/audio from external drive or instructor machine
  • Assign Homework, View And Evaluate Assignments
  • Create Lessons In (Text/Html/Pdf)
  • Upload all popular audio/video formats with lessons
  • (Asf/Avi/Wmv/Dat/Mpg/Mpeg/Mp3/Wav)
  • Create four types of questions related to lessons (multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks, match the following)
  • Reports generation (Graphical/grading report of student performance, student attendance, teacher attendance, conferencing, live class.)
  • Can create audio/video materials
  • View entire logged in students
  • E-Reader(Assign Lessons For Reading Practice)
  • E-Writer (Assign Lessons For Writing Practice)
  • Billboard (Write A Matter Or Piece Of Information On Online Notice Board)
  • Pair/Group Students For Debates/Group Discussion
  • Conferencing(text/audio/video chat with a student/entire group)
  • Video streaming – Stream video from TV
  • X-Play-Stream videos/audio from external drive or instructor machine

Student Console

  • Text/audio/video Chat (two way)
  • Reading And Writing A Lesson, Compare/Evaluate Repeat Passage With Original
  • Self-Assessment, Save Repeated Lessons On Instructor Module
  • View Lessons In Text/Audio/Video Formats
  • Do homework, Submit Files To Instructor Module for Evaluation
  • Read Notice
  • Text/audio/video chat with other member and view assignments of other sharing members
  • Call Instructor
  • Learn any Language
  • Insert voice into original file, Participate in conferencing
  • Model student (text chat/audio/video chat with model student, view screen/assignments

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