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Oréll delivers a comprehensive approach to create successful learning environments and our products and services form foundation to next generation education, furthermore preparing students with the skills and knowledge needed to take on the challenges of this rapidly changing world.We listen to our clients from schools, colleges and higher education sectors who seek innovative approaches to transform education.

Our wide range of products, services, and solutions enables you to improve student outcomes, enhance safety and security, increase efficiency and expand research capabilities. The systematic and streamlined workflow of our product increases the productivity and improves the overall performance of your institution. Working with Oréll products individualise the teaching, enhance the interaction between the teacher and students, and simplifies administrative tasks keeping up with student progress. Our cutting-edge educational software products let you create innovative learning experience managing the resources you need in support of your institutional objectives driving a holistic solution for student success.

Main products

Oréll Talk (Digital Language Lab) – State-of-the-art language laboratory for enhanced communication

Oréll Campus (Campus Management Software) - Integrated modules with built-in workflows for campus administration

eLibrary (Digital Library) - Ultimate destination to digitise your library contents

eScholar (eLearning Software) - One-on-one instruction and mentoring with better student involvement and achievement

SmartLib (Library Management Software) - Integrated solution for fully automated library activities

eWrite (Online Examination Software) - The best assessment tool to assess student progress & eliminate paper-grading

Admittance Management (Admission Management System)- The finest solution to automate your admission process

Fee Administrator (Fee Management & Online Payment) - Automated Fee Processing with Improved Transparency

Scheduler Protocol (Timetable Management System) - Effortless Scheduling of Academics for Optimised Teaching-Learning

Attendance Tracker (Attendance Management & Biometric Integration) - For effective attendance management and Improved student success

Student Examiner (Examination Management & Reports) - Easy way to Conduct & Manage Examinations

Payroll Wizard (Accounts Management System / Tally Integration) - Optimal Accuracy with Unparalleled Accounting

Inventory Master (Inventory Management Software) - For better asset management and inventory tracking

Hostel Supervisor (Hostel Management Software) - Effective Solution for streamlined hostel administration

Reach Alerts (SMS Alert System) - Mass Communication system for Maximum Security

CCE Software- Automated assessments and grading for all round student development

CBSE ASL Software- ASL system fully compatible with CBSE norms

Parents' Portal- Improved parent involvement for better student outcome

Mobile App for Schools and Colleges- Digital transformation for greater access and innovate experience

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