Oréll Talk Standard Version

Oréll Talk Standard Overview

Oréll Talk-Standard version is a compact yet efficient edition that is perfect for beginners and young/mature learners who are not necessarily technologically savvy and do not actually require the hi-tech frills offered in iTell Premium Edition. Boasting options such as lesson composer, it is a cost-effective tool for small and medium sized educational institutions, particularly those that take pride in imparting quality education on a shoestring.


Instructor Module

  • Listen to the voice of students without their knowledge
  • Talk to a particular Student (Two way communication)
  • Screen Capturing (View a particular Student’s screen)
  • Broadcasting (Talk to all students at a time)
  • Individual attention without disturbing the rest
  • Indication when a student calls the teacher (Hand Rising)
  • Indication when a student minimizing the lab window
  • Indication of the Student Activities
  • e-Assignments
  • Assign lessons to different batches or classes or different sessions
  • Assign lessons to a particular student, Group of Students or ALL the students
  • Lessons can be created in Text, Audio and Video Format (Individual or Combination)
  • Remote Controller (close application, log-off, reboot, shut down)
  • Real-time lesson editing
  • Lesson re-assigning
  • Audio Recorder | Video Recorder | Text Creator / Editor

Student Console

  • Listening-in on a lesson (words/sentences)
  • Repeat lessons
  • Voice recording
  • Compare/evaluate repeated passage with original
  • Self-assessment
  • Save repeated lessons on instructor module
  • Review lessons in text/audio/video formats
  • Listen and write
  • Submit files to instructor module for evaluation
  • Text to speech
  • Dictionary
  • Alert - Call instructor
  • Learn any language
  • Two-way communication with instructor
  • Participate in group discussions & interactive sessions (pairing)
  • Real time recording
  • Audio

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