Oréll believes in ensuring total customer satisfaction at all times. Please find below the testimonials from our satisfied customers from different parts of India and abroad which are considered as evidences on our quality, dependability and uninterrupted support offered to our customers.


Hem Raj Kafle

Coordinator, Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering

  • The Humanities and Management Unit, School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal, has recently installed Oréll Talk software (1+31 consoles). The premium Oréll Talk package is a trusted platform for enhancing communication skills of tertiary level students studying different programs of Science, Engineering and Management. In addition to the vast amount of accompanying study materials, the lab provides teachers the opportunities to produce their own lessons thereby helping to create infinite learning possibilities for students.

Dr.Mohd lqbal Ahmed

Director (Admin) INDIAN SCHOOL

  • We Indian School Al Ain, UAE hereby certify that, we are using Oréll Talk Software programme for our Digital Language Lab supplied by M/S Oréll's Technosystems (India) Private Limited. The programme is user friendly as it enables the students to listen, record and compare their voices with that of the speaker's. It is interactive as it helps the students to rectify their erratic pronunciations. The software is standard, reliable and of good quality. It has been helpful and very supportive for our students to learn the language correctly with all pronunciations and grammar. The company is also very supportive with timely online training support and physical visits for clarifications and rectifications if any. We have no hesitation in recommending this product for any school or Language institute.

Asha Sharma

Principal and Owner of Indian Learners Own Academy

  • With the help of Oréll, we have established language lab at our school and we are using it for teaching English, Arabic and French. Our Children are very happy with the product, and what I like best about Oréll is their prompt response. Whenever, we face any problem, they immediately came to our rescue. Even once we lost our lock key and they immediately replaced it. Then the concerned is so much prompt in action and so helpful, I think it works. I would like to recommend this other schools also.

Rekha Gupta

English Teacher, Blooming Dales International School
Nathawala, Rajasthan

  • The workshop conducted by Mr. Abhishek Pandey was very good and informative. Besides, the language lab that has been installed in our institute has vast benefits and I find it very useful. Through the workshop, we cleared all our doubts and I found it very useful for the students because it would help them improve their pronunciation, since speaking skill is very important. Definitely it is going to help the teachers as well, because we can keep a check on our students, we can help them improve their writing and speaking in different ways. So altogether I find this language lab and workshop wonderful and it is going to help the teachers and the students together.

Ms. Ambika

French Teacher, V G Vaze College
Mulund, Mumbai

  • We had sessions on the language lab by Mr. Randeep from Oréll and I had a very good experience. When I teach foreign language, especially French I find it very difficult to make the students pronounce it properly, because French pronunciation is very much difficult according to the students. I think it will become easy for them to learn through the language lab. In the Oréll language lab, we have e-classrooms, we can access to all students at the same time, and “Things to Do” from where we can give assignments to the students. There the students can listen, repeat and compare their pronunciation with the original; I find it very useful and I feel the students can learn more through this language lab.

P. Divagar

Lecturer, Dept. of ICT, SLGTI

  • Oréll is different from other language labs and it does have many levels of lessons altogether in one package. The different types of exercises for language skills including Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing is good for enhancing students’ communication. The software is very good for beginners struggling with English, especially for those from remote areas. Oréll Talk will definitely be helpful for the students because the software is created in a very attractive way and the various other facilities of the software make it useful for teaching other subjects also. Above all, we can monitor the students learning activities via this software. Overall, the software is very good and we expect language development of students in future.

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