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Digital libraries are drastically reforming the means of information dissemination and acquisition in educational institutions alleviating the burden of educators, learners and library personnel at the same time. eLibrary Premium is the advanced full functional professional edition of the revolutionary digital library software suite specifically designed for building and allocating digital library collections including text, audio and video contents in a streamlined and systematic way. It offers an innovative way for consolidating information and publishing it on the intranet or offline. The primary objective of the eLibrary software is to empower users in public schools, colleges, universities and other higher education institutions thereby detangling the challenges faced by traditional library system and librarians.

eLibrary digital library with its innovative strategies enables quick and easy information storage, maintenance, organisation and retrieval through the user-friendly interface. With its increasing need and popularity, eLibrary is used by many educational institutions for the efficient and standardised processing and use of library resources. Simultaneous searches and search optimization allows multiple users to access a material that is not possible with physical library. This cutting-edge digital library software be can used for storing variety of contents including eBooks, eJournals, eMagazines, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, articles, news etc. in audio, video and text formats, which are accessible/downloadable and/or saved/retrieved anytime. The text files in PDF formats are ready-to-print and/or saved partially offering the best possible suppleness of use.


This versatile information storage and retrieval system includes:


E-book or digital book, which we provide is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book; the chosen titles are ensured to be absolutely in no violation of copyright. The wide-range of books are populated into main/sub/specific categories which may be edited/deleted/added as per the user’s choice. The availability of reading materials in electronic format provides the platform for rich & diverse reading experience irrespective of the number of users.


An e-journal may be a published or privately maintained by an institution or individual, but unlike a conventional paper journal, it is digital medium issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological titles and indented to be continued indefinitely. In case of published e-journals subscription of the service will be mandatory by submitting appropriate user information as required.


e-Magazines or online magazines is a solitary platform to read the leading online magazines distributed all over the planet. It makes the readers ease in search the online magazines and connects to the selected magazine in seconds. Digital/electronic versions of most of the popular magazines are now available and the user can avail it by a one-time subscription in their website. The subscription may be charged or free of cost depending on the publisher. After successful subscription, the eMagazines will be delivered periodically by email or private user id & password.


Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias in various categories are provided in the home page(often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty, for which the search criteria has to be set accordingly either by selecting a category or by giving appropriate keywords.


  • Virtual Learning Space for each user
  • Multimedia (audio/video/text) accessibility
  • Saves time
  • Unlimited storage
  • Multiple access
  • User Friendly
  • High security
  • Online Surfing becomes very much easier
  • No physical boundary
  • Instantaneity of retrieval
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Indestructible
  • Easy maintenance
  • True value addition
  • Standardized Interface
  • Flexible and User-friendly platform
  • Interactive and deployable on platforms such as Windows.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Follows logical sequence
  • User interface screens “map” accurately to the associated functions
  • Periodic updating
  • One-time perpetual license
  • Free on-site installation & training
  • Free technical support for one year
  • Intranet connectivity
  • Downloadable & printable
  • Quick save for future reference
  • 24x7 access

Technical Features

User/Student Module:

  • Manage own accounts by changing password, address, contact details etc
  • Create new main/sub category or select the existing ones
  • Add articles with options of submitting author info, posting photo, uploading files (audio/video/text), subjected to approval by admin
  • Re-submit rejected articles for approval after accommodating the changes suggested by the admin
  • Search eBooks and articles by:
    • Category
    • Keyword
    • Title
  • Advance search options with additional criteria of date, rating, views etc
  • Post comment about an article in existing forum or create a new forum
  • Rate the articles including self-added ones

Admin/Staff Module:

  • Have all the above mentioned rights/privileges of a user
  • Create, define/ reader types by setting different permission rights to different reader types
  • Customize/edit/re-define the privileges and access rights of reader types
  • Manage /modify user accounts by editing reader type, change password etc
  • Approve/reject articles submitted by readers with reason.
  • Registration of users by setting reader type, assigning user id & password

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