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As inventory management is a laborious task, it consumes a lot of time and money. With time-saving inventory management, you can streamline your school inventory in a more effective manner. The assets of the school include various items such as furniture, computer, lab equipments, and other supplies. The Schooberry Inventory Master Module is a flexible inventory management software that effortlessly deals with your school’s stock taking and warehousing needs. inventory-MasterIt also monitors the items that are transferred between various departments of the school.

SIM effectively manages the inventory and supply levels in the school store. It includes purchase management, sales management, stock transfer management and a list of imperative reports, which helps the user to determine stock levels and add new batches of stock to the existing ones. The easy-to-use Schooberry Inventory Master Module is beneficial to get the current levels of all the stock available with the school or a particular department in the school, at a button click. Besides, the integration of Bar-coding systems and Magnetic strip systems in stock level management simplifies the tracking of your school resources. With SIM, your school can earn a return on its investment by eliminating stagnant inventory and task redundancy.


  • Detailed Item entry with bar code and batch no.
  • Vendor management and supervision
  • School department setting
  • Login permission setting for staff members
  • Damage control
  • Customer database for ease of billing.
  • Assigning student kits to different classes in the schools.
  • Tracking items dispatched to vendor for repair/service/return
  • Calculating and assigning sales tax and value added tax.
  • Monitoring quotations received from vendors.
  • Issuing purchase orders
  • Handling material receipt
  • Maintaining stock ledgers
  • Sales management and sales report generation
  • Tracking students who have collected class kits or not
  • Monitoring items returned to supplier
  • Keeping record of items returned by customers
  • Item wise and batch wise report on purchase and sales
  • Secure login process
  • Easy transfer of recourses between departments
  • Reports on stock movement between departments and from central inventory
  • Easy to customize
  • User friendly and flexible
  • Centralized data handling
  • Customized reports & graphical representations
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Reduces Operational and administrative cost
  • Error-free, efficient and stable
  • Barcode/RFID tag compatible
  • Integration of resources

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