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In early 2000, three budding entrepreneurs were thrown a challenge by the principal of a prominent women's college at Kochi –- automate her analogue language laboratory as she had become quite sick of its upkeep and maintenance. Thus in 2005, with the help of a hastily put-together a team of six software developers they created history by launching the first digital language lab –- the very first indigenous one in the country –- at the same college. It was an instant winner, sowing the seeds for the birth, phenomenal growth and extraordinary successes of what is today the Oréll Group of Companies –- global leaders of IT services and solutions provider in the education sector. Headquartered out of Kochi, India, Oréll has its Americas office at Denver, Colorado, United States and its Middle-East office at Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, with development centers at Bengaluru and Kochi in India as well as branch offices across the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. We also envisage the opening of our Singapore office in the near future to cater more effectively to Southeast Asia.

The original team of nine is still the backbone of Oréll, which was incorporated as a private limited company in 2008. A crystal-clear vision coupled with an eagle-eyed focus on our short-term goals –- a commitment to operating responsibly while executing with uncompromised excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth –- Team Oréll is today over 200 strong with an impressive portfolio of products and clients worldwide and growing exponentially. Today, we boasts of the finest pool of professionals (the envy of industry peers), who are constantly monitoring and upgrading products and solutions while diligently working on innovative ideas. Our policy of meeting every project with enthusiasm and vigor guarantees that the finished products are always error-free, user friendly and flexible. The proven success of Oréll's portfolio of IT solutions is always thanks to our team of specialists; dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience in developing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for the education sector. Our team constitutes a mix of specialists with over 100 person years of practical IT experience within the education domain having successfully implemented and supported IT solutions at reputed educational institutions in India and abroad. These specialists will work with the customer to ensure that the customer derives maximum value from its investment into Oréll’s state of the art IT solutions. These strategic advantages enable us to stay ahead of competition. We never beguile competition, we only outsmart them!

Our corporate strategy is to invest up to 30% of our annual revenues towards enhancing, extending and improving our portfolio of industry leading IT solutions for educational institutions thereby ensuring that our products are current, relevant and durable so as to offer long term value to our customers. This ensures our services, solutions and/or products always meets the immediate as well as long term requirements of the customer. Oréll's portfolio of IT solutions creates a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the customer. A high degree of automation for regular but laborious tasks combined with our re-defined system and business processes allow for effective utilization of resources. This reduces the cost of operations and results in excellent ROI for our customers.

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