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Oréll eLibrary Lite is the brand new version of our virtual Library system which enables a single platform for multiple users to access and share resources among them. It not only allows users to create, categorize, index, search and retrieve various digital contents in text formats but also to share it across the globe without any space or distance constraints. The latest technology integrated in eShelf Lite makes your repository organization so much easier, cost effective and helps to manage infinite amount of digital contents. Flexible storing and managing of library collection with reduced maintenance needs and efficient resource use is the major advantage of this advanced version.

Beyond nurturing just reading habit, institutions can even ensure maximum involvement of students, encouraging their creative writing skills and divergent thinking.eShelf Lite is highly useful for educational institution to digitise their conventional library resources into electronic format and delivering it instantly at the click of the mouse across the intranet. eShelf Lite can be used to manage huge amount of digital contents, giving greater access to the contents from anywhere at any time. The simultaneous access of same item to several people is also a great advantage of this digital library. Increased cost-effectiveness, no wear and tear of materials and many other features make eShelf Lite an inevitable tool to maintain the libraries in small and medium sized institutions.


  • Virtual Library space for each user
  • Sharing of digital content (Inter/Intra school)
  • Unlimited storage capacity for text contents
  • Inculcates the habit of sharing knowledge
  • Scope for Cross Border Interaction (national/international)
  • Centralised platform
  • Email notification
  • Easy to use
  • No wear and tear of contents
  • Virus-free and 100% secure
  • Daily Notification via email & SMS to users


User Module

  • User can create their own account by using the “Register now” button
  • Manage own accounts by changing password, address, contact details etc
  • Create new main/sub category or select the existing ones
  • Add articles with options of submitting author info, posting photo, uploading files, subjected to approval by admin
  • Re-submit rejected articles for approval after accommodating the changes suggested by the admin
  • Quick search performed with the help of a dialogue box
  • Advanced search eBooks and articles by:
    • Language
    • Category
    • Sub-category
    • Keywords

Admin Module :

  • Control over the rights/privileges of a user
  • Create users by setting different permission rights
  • Customize/edit/re-define the privileges and access rights of the user
  • Manage /modify user accounts
  • Approve/reject article submission request by user
  • Registration of users by assigning user id, password, mail id and their personal data’s
  • Daily notification via email and SMS alerts
  • Alert on newly added books/documents
  • Generation of user track reports

Key Advantages:

  • User Activity notifications/Alerts for the administrator
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Indestructible
  • Multiple Access
  • Round the clock availability
  • Efficient Administration of Digital content
  • Regular updating of library catalogue

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