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Orell Class or eLearning software solutions open the virtual door to a superior quality of education. With eLearning, teachers can provide one-on-one instruction and mentoring to many students across geographical locations. Artificially limiting class size, prescribing teacher-student ratios or restricting a teacher’s ability to serve students at multiple schools ignores the freedom and flexibility that comes with eLearning. Requiring students to take a high quality college prep online course ensures students are better prepared to succeed in life after graduation in the digital age. A robust offering of digital content and online courses expands options and ensures students acquire knowledge and gain skills from the experience of digital learning.In today’s world, learning doesn’t have to start when a student enters the classroom and end when the school bell rings. Students can access eLearning virtually whenever and wherever they are – both physically and figuratively.With personalized learning, students can spend as little or as much time as they need to master the material.

Self-paced programs mean high achieving students won’t get bored and can accelerate academically, while struggling students can get additional time and tutoring to gain competency and the confidence that comes with it. Orell Class can extend the school day or school year and connect students with community resources with little or no additional cost. Flexible scheduling allows students to take full advantage of their peak learning times to complete lessons. Best of all, students can experience blended learning. Students can learn in an online or computer-based environment part of the day and in traditional classroom, even one-on-one tutoring, for part of the day – essentially the best of both worlds combined into one education.

Orell Class offers the potential for students to study at their own pace and advance based upon competency and mastery of the material — it is student-centered, not school-centered. In this environment, seat time requirements and the all-too-common practice of social promotion become obsolete. A student will spend as much time as necessary to gain competency. Additionally, Orell Class adapts to situations where a student is ahead in one subject and behind in another. Making high stakes assessments, which are used to trigger progression, available when students are ready will accelerate student learning. The dynamic nature of digital content and its varied uses requires a fresh and innovative approach to ensuring high quality content. Like print content, digital content should be aligned to state academic standards or common core standards for what students are expected to learn. However, digital content should not be held to higher standard than print content. Freedom for interactive engagement that results in higher student retention and achievement should be encouraged. Transitioning to digital content will improve the quality of content, while likely saving money in production that can be dedicated to providing the infrastructure for eLearning.Administering tests digitally has multiple benefits. Tests can be administered and scored quickly and efficiently.

Computerized scoring provides the opportunity for a cost effective method to create better tests beyond multiple choice, including simulations and constructed responses. Getting the result of tests faster can improve instruction as well as expedite rewards and consequences, which can strengthen accountability for learning. Learning management systems, digital curriculum, and online summative and formative assessments have the distinctive capability of collecting real-time data on the progress of each student against learning objectives. Instant feedback for students and personalized analytics for teachers provide the support for continuous improvement and competency-based progress.


  • Supports lessons in text/audio/video files in any format
  • User-friendly, interactive and fun
  • One-on-one instruction and mentoring
  • Flexibility of deployment across operating systems (OS)
  • Generate instant evaluation reports
  • Ease of accesses even beyond classroom setting
  • Online and offline versions with perpetual license and usage options
  • Self-paced flexibility
  • Admin/management and parent log-in options
  • 24/7 service & support
  • Value based pricing with free upgrades and releases


  • Offline and web-enabled options
  • Unlimited interactive lessons
  • Easy customization of lessons and levels by instructor/Admin
  • Instant scoring
  • Choice of questions
  • Flexibility and ease of use
  • Graphical representation of student performances
  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Real-time attendance tracker
  • Evaluate student ranking



The administrator has unsurpassed access overriding those of the user modes of the instructor and students. This is assigned for uniformity of assignment and ease of monitoring/administration. Some of the Admin controls are:

  • Add Teacher: Add/Edit/Delete instructor and assign classes
  • Add Class: Add/Edit/Delete class and create student list
  • Add Subject: Add/Edit/Delete subject and syllabus
  • Add Institute: Add/Edit/Delete institute
  • Add levels: Difficulty for each level can be set
  • Add Student: Register students
  • Add Group: Add/Delete/Edit Student group for group activities
  • Change group: Modify group name/members
  • Segregate Lessons: Lesson can be divided and categorized accordingly
  • Reports:
    • Teacher & Students attendance report
    • Test results


The instructor/teacher mode is privileged to assign exercises to the class/students, monitor individual student progress and track attendances and overall class performance. Other tasks include:

  • Create Lesson: Create multiple lessons in varying levels of difficulty
  • Create Exercise: Assign exercises in different patterns/type
  • Allocate Marks: Preset scores and retrieve results instantly
  • Lesson patterns: Any lesson pattern like, one word, fill in the blank, matching phrase can be designed.
  • Customize questions: Question can be designed with various mark, type and difficulty level.
  • View results: Exam results can be generated according to class, students or group.
  • Monitor attendance: Attendance of the students can be monitored as report or on screen.
  • Graphical representation: The teacher can generate graphical presentations of students results based on performance.
  • Reports: Teacher can generate the following reports:
    • Question Bank
    • Student progress card-Group & Individual
    • Exam results
    • Student Attendance Report
    • Exam Schedule Report
    • Student wise Performance Report
    • Class wise Performance Report
    • Subject wise Performance Report
    • Exam wise Performance Report
    • Student profile


Accessibility is limited to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly. The other features of this mode include:

  • View Lesson: The teacher assigned lessons can be viewed and practised by the students
  • Exercise: After following lessons, students can undergo a practise exercise and test their level of knowledge.
  • Instant score: Students get the result of the exercises & tests in a fraction of time
  • Assignment: Students assignments are viewed downloaded & Uploaded under this feature.
  • Homework: Teacher uploaded homework can be downloaded & used and later uploaded by the students.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Self-paced flexibility that allows all students, including gifted and talented students and students with special needs to learn at the pace that suits their development.
  • Schedule flexibility for working students and non-traditional students. Learn from home with the support of a parent, licensed teacher, and a curriculum of their choice in a program with individualized instruction that can be customized to serve each student’s particular needs and abilities.
  • Tailored learning for children who work at different paces in different subjects. eLearning offers the ability to customize a learning program based on individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests as well as learning style. Each student has an individualized learning plan with accountability measures. Targeted modifications can be made easily and immediately as indicated by each student’s progress.
  • Students can enroll in and have access to highly qualified teachers in the college level math, science and foreign language classes critical to success in the global economy.
  • Early student competencies and preparation for the higher education environment that is increasingly taking advantage of technological advances; and Teachers and parents are in more frequent and regular contact leading to greater collaboration in supporting the child’s education.

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